Our choir, with members students from sixth class to second grade of High school, organizes every week a meeting. In this meeting they decide which songs they will sing in our school celebrations and in all the events that take part, such as in the Metropolis of Gjirokastra, Tirana and everywhere else in Albania. Also, it evolves and develops for its presentation in Festivals and Choir meetings out of the country.

Among others, the educational benefits by participating in our choir are: the cultivation of the feeling “of belonging”, the development of acceptation, of understanding and of communicating with people of the same age, the training of discipline, of self-responsibility and of obey in rules, and of course, the cultivation of the voice and soul and at the same time, the musical education and the broad of the spiritual horizon.



Another activity at noon that you can start, for the students that are interested, is the teaching of the traditional dance. “Healthy soul in a healthy body” a saying that we in fact practice it. Dancing is not just about expressing your feelings, it is also gymnastics, and consequently helps in the healthy development of the body. The two dance classes that function at the school “Breath of love” are for students in primary school and for those in secondary and in High school.

Further more, our school offers piano lessons for starters and advanced students, in a pleasant, tricky climate. They have as a goal the music cultivation, but also the reinforcement of the talents of our student and certainly, in a personal level.