Our schools provide the opportunity for each student to learn perfectly Greek, Albanian and English language, as the teaching of these start since the first secondary class.

Our aim is to prepare our students properly in order to get the languages’ certificates, as soon as posible, in order to help them as an important supply that will escort them in their following professional progress.

Specifically, for the Greek learning, our students are being prepared and since the 7th grade of Secondary school are ready to be tested in order to get the certificate (the 1st or the 2nd level), while at the 9th grade of secondary school they can take the 3rd level of the certificate.

Except of the morning lessons, they have the opportunity to practice for the Greek learning one afternoon per week, for a long period before the exams.

These tests are being controlled by an experienced teacher, are corrected and are given to the students for improvement of their performance.

The secondary school “Πνοή Αγάπης” is functioning as an exam center of Greek learning for the exams that are being held Every May.

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